• May 25, 2022

Who wins more often in Among Us? Official statistics.

Sport about who is better – traitors or crew members – is literally eternal. However, the game developers have an answer to this question.

Among Us

The creators of Among Us have published some interesting game statistics. At the end of 2020, the traitors won 57.69% of all matches, and the crew members only 42.31%. And this is despite the fact that the impostors are in the minority, cannot negotiate their strategy and it is quite easy to figure them out if you know special life hacks.

What does this statistic mean? In fact, the developers have officially announced that it is easier and more effective to play as a traitor. The percentage gap is large enough for a simple error of more than 12%. This indicates that the traitor mechanics are better developed, they are more understandable for the players, and therefore it becomes much easier to achieve victory.

Among Us

However, this statistic does not take into account the common Among Us issues that could cause this percentage difference to occur. The main scourge of the game at the moment is cheating. Since one of the most popular mods is “always a traitor”, it is easy to guess that quite often cheaters play for impostors. Naturally, by using cheats, it is much easier to win than for simple and honest crew members.

Also a big problem is the lack of voice chat in the game. Communication in the text is not convenient for everyone, in addition, it takes more time. If a spammer or a fan of writing one word in a message has turned up in the team, then the team members will not be able to build any dialogue. Voice chat with the administrator in the form of a host as an addition to text communication would be a good alternative, which would seriously increase the chances of civilians to win.

However, at the moment, statistics cannot be fooled – playing as a traitor is much easier and more profitable. So seize the moment, learn tactics and life hacks to defeat the impostor and rush into Among Us!

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