• July 5, 2022

Why are players downloading this thread in April?

Best among classmates in terms of win rate and average damage per battle.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and with the beginning of the new month the “Into Battle” promotion was updated. Three branches took part in the voting for players, and defeated Object 268 variant 4 by a wide margin:

Why did the players choose it? We will find out today by looking at the tops of competing branches along the way.

American tank destroyer T110E3 It has excellent frontal booking, it is very difficult to pierce it without gold, even in the commander’s cupola. Having taken a position in a narrow space, it will be difficult to destroy it, without support from the SPG or until the allies come from the flank. Powerful weapon and comfortable UVN allow you to effectively restrain the enemy or push the direction (but then the enemy will open a more vulnerable NLD).

But the most main drawback – low speed, so in open space this machine often suffers from art and fast LT / ST, since the armor of the sides is weak.

French tank destroyer AMX 50 Foch B on the contrary, it is very different from the American one. good dynamics and maneuverability… Frontal armor is also good, rebound, but hatches break through without problems… In terms of firepower, the gun stands out drum loading shells with a clip on 6 shots and potential damage 2400 units.

But armor penetration with basic and special shells are too low to count on the full implementation of the drum + mediocre stabilization of the gun.

Now we come to the Soviet Object 268 Variant 4 tank destroyer. It also has good frontal armor, but the only difference from the T110E3 is that the American tank has almost impenetrable hatches, and the Soviet make their way, but the NLD has excellent booking.

At the same time, reliable armor is combined with:

  • good dynamics and reverse speed + good cross-country ability;
  • not bad for such a car size stealth rate

Taking these factors into account, Vol. 268/4 will better cope with the role of an assault anti-tank self-propelled gun, while it has good stabilization of the gun, fast aiming and high speed of projectile flight.

Yes, she also has their shortcomings, especially after the nephre, you cannot call it ideal:

  • low accuracy;
  • small alpha and, as a consequence, PDA;
  • mediocre maneuverability;
  • declination angle -5 °.

These weaknesses are balanced out so that there is no too imposing machine in the random house… However, this does not prevent Ob. 268/4 hold leading positions among classmates in terms of damage and percentage of victories and enter the TOP 5 among pumped vehicles by these indicators. The technique is in demand in some clans in the main battle area and has shown itself quite well in Ranked Battles.

Full review of the April action “Into Battle”: which branch is better to download now?

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