• March 4, 2024

Why are there no mercenaries S1 and S2 in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, how to fix it?

As part of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey update, 2 more tiers of elite mercenaries have been introduced into the game. Previously, the maximum level was the first. Now mercenaries can also be of level S1, S2. True, many players complain that they do not become available from them. Read on to find out how to fix the problem and unlock new levels of bounty hunters.

What is the reason for the absence of S1 and S2 mercenaries?

Weak mercenaries who do not represent much resistance to the hero should now become stronger. By adding new levels of mercenaries, battles will become somewhat more interesting and difficult. In theory, to unlock new mercenaries, you need to reach level 70 of the hero and kill at least 10 mercenaries of the first rank.

As soon as the conditions are met, the S1 rank opens. As a reward, a 35% increase in payment for military contracts appears with him. After a certain number of killed mercenaries S1, the next level S2 opens. Together with it, training costs are reduced by 20% in the forge of Hephaestus.

Perhaps the problem with the lack of new ranks of bounty hunters is the low level or insufficient number of kills of the first rank mercenaries. If you have killed a lot of opponents, and new levels still do not open, then you have encountered a bug. It is already described on the Ubisoft forum… Read on to find out how to fix the error.

How to unlock mercenaries S1 and S2?

From the described problems, it becomes clear to users that the problem is random. It occurs randomly, regardless of other characteristics: the gender of the hero, the time of the murder of the mercenaries, and so on. The developers planned to unlock new ranks after killing a large number of mercenaries and raising to level 70. Some users have killed a huge number of bounty hunters and it’s all in vain.

Ubisoft is currently investigating the problem. The fix is ​​expected to be released in the near future. Until then, try one of the following solutions to the problem:

  • Continue killing the first level bounty hunters. Not necessarily a new rank will open after ten kills of other mercenaries. You may have to kill them several times more;
  • Try to raise the bounty behind the hero’s head. Usually, a high reward provokes the appearance of opponents of higher ranks. Just don’t stop and keep killing.

The last option to fix the problem with the S1 and S2 levels is to contact technical support Ubisoft. We can only hope that the developers will soon fix the bug and fix it in the next update.

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