Why are these tanks the most popular? Level 8 Second part

Most of the year is already behind, which allows us to draw conclusions about which tanks became the most popular in 2019, and at the same time we will figure out why they got the popular sympathy.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you the Top 10 most recognizable Tier VIII tanks in randomness this year.

15th place

American heavy tank T32… It continues the glorious tradition of its predecessor, the T29, and has a very strong tower, for which it was nicknamed the “Cast-Iron Head”. The design features and convenient UVN allow you to use it for defense or in attack, playing from the relief. Due to the size and high tower, it feels great in a clinch against smaller vehicles, because it is difficult to penetrate it, and the T32 will easily inflict damage through the roof. Due to the weak armor of the hull, it is better to use more armored allies as protection, in order to take advantage of the high position of the tower to shoot by exposing only the tower.

Fights on average per month 3 958 532

14th place

Soviet heavy tank KV-4 with a decent all-round booking, one of the best in this regard at its level. The large mass allows you to ram opponents, but it is important not to miss, so as not to substitute more vulnerable sides. The payback for armor is poor mobility, so it often becomes a priority target for art. If the ACS is too annoying, then it is possible to install a super-heavy anti-splinter lining. Alone, he is too vulnerable, and in the frontal projection there are enough weak zones. It boasts an excellent cannon: accurate and penetrating, with good stabilization in motion. Although the IS-4 branch is clearly in need of an upgrade at the moment, players continue to pump it out. In general, the KV-4 has more disadvantages than advantages.

Fights on average per month 4 624 935

13th place

Soviet SPG SU-14-2, which received a nickname that well characterizes its appearance – “refrigerator”. Accordingly, due to its size, it has an extremely low stealth coefficient, and the poor depression angle of the gun does not allow it to be lowered down. And yet, in battle, one should beware of her shells, because they have huge one-time damage and are able to cool the ardor of even the most armored opponent. A small spread when turning helps to change the target in time, because it prioritizes a technique with a large margin of safety.

Fights on average per month 6,710,346

12th place

Chinese light tank WZ-132 – “Minirisoed Senior”, which in all respects represents an improved version of its predecessor. At the same time, the dimensions have decreased slightly, and the dynamics have improved. Differs in the presence of two guns, each of which is good in its own way: damage per minute and accuracy or alpha strike and armor penetration. It copes well with the role of a scout due to its excellent visibility and good cross-country ability on medium and soft soils, practically does not lose speed.

Fights on average per month 6 735 235

11th place

French heavy tank AMX 50 100 – the first representative of its branch from which acquaintance with drum TT begins. It is with this model that the gameplay inherent in the top AMX 50B begins to form. Fulfilling the full role of his class is problematic for him due to the very weak reservation, but he does not bribe at all with protection. The AMX 50 100 combines high firepower with superior mobility. A penetrating cannon with a 6-shell drum and a potential damage of 1800 units is an impressive argument in a duel with any single-tier enemy. If you unload the drum successfully, you can pick up almost any “eight” or any under-hit on a higher level. If the AMX 50 100 goes to the rear, it will be able to effectively order the enemy team.

Fights on average per month 7 631 658

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