• December 1, 2023

Why aren’t these tanks pumping? Level 8

Top 5 most unpopular tanks in 2019, which are held only for promotions or for freedom, and it is better not to download at all now.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have a technique that is not in demand in the current randomness and we will tell you why.

German medium tank Indien-Panzer in the patch in May 1.5.1, I received a small up-to-date performance characteristics, but the players were still not tempted by the changes in numbers. Therefore, this particular tank remains the most unpopular among STshek. This is justified by the fact that it is difficult for him to fulfill his class role.

He has two nicknames: the proud “Indian” and the second, which is more consistent with the tank in the “Turkey” random, because almost any opponent can fry it:

  • too cardboard armor;
  • even breaks through the mask of the gun with the commander’s crit and concussion;
  • in the frontal projection there is an ammunition rack, which often fails, and drum opponents can blow it up with 2-3 shells and send the unwary owner to the Hangar.

After the up, he began to play more pleasantly, the increase in armor penetration, accuracy and mixing speed pleased. The Indien-Panzer can do a good job of supporting it, but only at medium range and with the support of allies it depends on.

After rebalancing, Leopard 1 became the best sniper in the game with an excellent weapon and good dynamics. It’s a good idea to pump it out now, but if the prospect does not appeal to you Indien-Panzer, then you can research on the LT branch.

Dump Chinese Medium Tank T-34-2 will cost its owner a decent amount of destroyed nerve cells, because “suffer” is too mildly said when playing on it.

It can noticeably burn on it from the moment of transfer to the top-end configuration:

  • first you have to get 31000 experience on a cannon from a level 6 tank;
  • and only then put the top gun from the previous T-34-1;
  • even after being transferred to the top, the tank still remains a complete cactus.

It is noteworthy that this is, perhaps, the only tank in the game that is worse than its premium counterparts with a LOW BATTLE LEVEL. It is inferior to the Type 59 and T-34-3 in all main parameters: lower penetration, DPM, worse accuracy, survivability and mobility.

Exactly T-34-2 we named the worst tank of level 8:

  • complete uselessness in the stock;
  • absolutely everything breaks him, and it is difficult for him even to cope with a single-level technique;
  • disgusting gun stabilization and long mixing, therefore unsuitable for dynamic battles.

Another vehicle from China, but now a tank destroyer WZ-111-1G FT, which was prophesied that it could replace the legendary “ISU-152”.

Purely in terms of performance characteristics, the “Chinese” has a clear advantage in everything, except for one-time damage and dynamics, but statistics are stubborn things. WZ-111-1G FT among classmates has the lowest percentage of victories and one of the lowest average damage per battle.

Among the shortcomings, there is a small margin of safety, mediocre mobility, as well as poor accuracy and long aiming of the gun (but the last two parameters are still better than that of ISUhi). Perhaps the popularity of this machine is influenced by the fact that domestic players simply give preference to Soviet technology.

One of the most controversial representatives of the French alternative heavy line AMX 65 t… Historically, this design was supposed to combine the legendary Soviet “pike nose” and the layout from the German Royal Tiger. However, the model did not advance beyond the sketches, and in the game it turned out to be very, very mediocre.

It is noteworthy that it has a more stable pre-top gun with better penetration, and in the stock configuration, the turret even tanks well. But in the process of transferring to the top, the new gun becomes uncomfortable in shooting, and in return only offers an increase in alpha and aiming speed (the previous one still takes forever). And the top tower gets a good boost to the view, but along with it rangefinders, which are easy to aim and penetrate. The firepower is ambiguous, the mobility is weak, and the survivability is not at all, as for TT, because the sides and feed are cardboard, and the VLD cannot be called reliable.

And the most unpopular tank is the representative of Foggy Albion LHMTV. The domestic community was not imbued with the propaganda of British light tanks, however, when introducing this branch, Wargaming was counting more on the European segment of players. The British reconnaissance officer stands out in terms of firepower against the background of his classmates with the highest armor penetration (some TT and ST nervously smoke on the sidelines), excellent accuracy and good projectile speed. The very low silhouette has become the guarantor of excellent stealth, which in combination of factors gave us an ambush sniper.

Otherwise, it has mediocre dynamics and maneuverability, poor stabilization of the gun in motion and absolutely no armor. Pay attention to the long reload time, any other LT will be able to shoot LHMTV with DPM. The combination of such factors led to the fact that many players, instead of shining, simply stand in the bushes and try to shoot the damage.

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