• May 23, 2022

Why is it worth checking out this thread in March?

One of the most imbued branches that bends now and will continue in 2020. Copes well with LBZ and Ranked Battles.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will talk about the third branch, which in March participates in the “Fight!” Super Conqueror. British heavyweights in modern randomness are one of the most imposing due to their guns. But first things first. Let’s briefly talk about the advantages of the technique and present four reasons why you need to have time to pump it out in March.

Branch overview

This branch started playing after one of the largest patches in October 2017. Then the top FV215b was replaced with Super Conqueror, and Caernarvon at level 8. TT Great Britain stand out among classmates with the highest damage per minute. It is achieved due to the rate of fire, so they have a small alpha strike to maintain balance in the game. However, the weapon itself is very comfortable to use.


  • DPM;
  • excellent stabilization of the weapon;
  • accuracy;
  • reduction of the weapon;
  • rate of fire;
  • UVN;
  • reliable tower (9th level exception);
  • radius of view.


  • frequent fires or crits of the ammo rack;
  • relatively large size and mediocre mobility.
  • in alpha they are inferior to classmates.

As you can see strengths far outweigh weaknesses. The main role is played by firepower, thanks to which “Super Horse” one of the leaders in terms of average damage per battle among the top ten. He also has a high percentage of victories, which indicates the ability to influence the outcome of the battle.

The first reason

The main thing that repels many players from pumping these ropes is the initial cacti at low levels. They are very weak, the alpha-strike is small, there are enough vulnerable zones in the frontal armor and often focuses the art.

Therefore, combat missions with boost to experience will help you pass the first strands much faster, saving time and nerves. By the way, you can speed up the leveling by purchasing a monthly Mike package or a special Zulu from Twitch Prime. Each one gives 10 and 20 combat missions for x5 experience in a victorious battle, so levels 5-7 can be completed in a couple in the evening.

For more information on how to get it, see the Twitch Prime section.

Combat missions of the action “Into battle!”

Second reason

Secondly, why you should hurry up – this month starts final season Ranked Battles 2019. This is the last opportunity to get a unique award tank Kampfpanzer 50 t. Top branches Super Conqueror, one of the best pumped TT 10, will be a good help to advance in the progression system.

Kampfpanzer 50 t.

Third reason

UK heavy tanks are great fit to increase statistics and personal WN8 rating… Therefore, they are a priority choice when creating a twink, if you want to make turquoise or lilac statoku. If you are thinking about creating a new account, you can offer an invite link + invite code TANKOLETto get a free premium tank, a gold, a premium account and four rented premiums at the start.

Learn more about how to properly create an account with maximum bonuses up to 3450 gold.

Fourth reason

During the general test of Update 1.8, the developers rolled out the first version of the “Battle Pass” in World of Tanks. All over the world in online games there has long been such a concept as “Battle Pass”, and now progress has reached our game. So far, we decided to finish this topic, so at the beginning of March it will not be released, but we should wait for it in the near future.

One of the main rewards of the first season will be a unique British Commander George Barton and special 3D styling on Super Conqueror “Hourly”


Learn more about the Battle Pass.

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