• November 29, 2023

Why isn’t it a good idea to put your computer on the floor?

A desktop computer, despite its name, doesn’t always have to be on a desk. From the point of view of rational planning of the workplace, it is better to place it somewhere further away. The floor inside and outside the table immediately comes to mind. However, it is worth considering how this decision will affect the quality of ventilation and the amount of dust deposited. Ignoring such thoughts can lead to overheating of the system unit and even its failure.

Carpet can block air flow

Almost all cases are not flat at the bottom, they stand on small legs. Their role is not only to fix the device on the floor and protect it from slipping, but also to create a natural air flow under the case. Each cabinet has a series of fans to exhaust the heated air and draw in cool air. In powerful systems, even several fans are installed to accelerate the movement of air masses.

What happens if you place your computer on a soft carpet? That’s right, it will block a significant part of the airflow from below. The carpet will begin to block the exit of the heated masses and prevent the flow of coolness. This will negatively affect the heating of the computer, sometimes the jump can reach 10 ° C. Also, the carpet will begin to accumulate heat from the system unit. If the coating is not of very high quality, harmful substances can be released from it.

Before placing your computer on the floor, it is worth considering the flow of air. It is best to avoid installing the PC on large pile carpets. If there is no other place, it is worth making a flat platform, which is already installed on a soft surface. Now on sale there are special stands that simplify the mounting of the computer, but even an ordinary cutting board will be enough.

The computer will suck in more dust

A lot of dust, hair and other debris are always concentrated on the floor, much more than on the table. At the same time, the system unit fans draw in and blow out air. During the suction of air masses, it is likely that a lot of debris will get inside the case.

Dirt and dust accumulates in the system unit, regardless of its location. In any case, it sometimes needs to be blown out with compressed air. However, on the floor, the amount of debris being sucked in will double. Clogging of the inner area will cause heating and increase the frequency of the necessary cleaning.

Regular cleaning will improve the situation somewhat, but not significantly. Let everyone answer for themselves, how often will he wash the floor around the system unit (especially if it is in a hard-to-reach place)? Most likely, the owner will start to postpone cleaning until later.

If you have to keep the system unit on the floor, you should double the regularity of its cleaning. It is difficult to name the exact dates, because it all depends on how dusty the floor is. It is better to check the condition of the case at least once every couple of months.

If there is no dust or carpet, should the computer be kept on the floor?

In fact, placing the system unit on the floor is even preferable. True, provided it is clean and flat. This will not only free up space on your desktop, but also improve cooling (it is always colder at the bottom). Even a computer on a hill has a chance to fall due to an awkward movement or play of a child, animals, and on the floor it is safer. On the other hand, in apartments with frequent flooding, you only need to keep the PC on high platforms.

These considerations are more relevant for gaming and performance workstations that generate a lot of heat. Cooling problems are less severe for computers with low power consumption. Even in not the most suitable conditions, processors rarely warm up to a critical temperature.

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