• July 5, 2022

why it occurs and how to fix it

Error CE-30012-6 can occur when running tez or other applications on PS4. The error message contains the following information:

An internal error has occurred.

At first glance, the error may seem extremely serious, but it can be solved quite easily with a set of simple solutions.

Solution for error CE-30012-6 on PS4


Have you tried restarting your PS4. True, this is the most common advice one could offer, but a simple reboot does get rid of the CE-30012-6 error. Well, if rebooting does not help, then please use the solutions below.

Solution # 1 PS4 firmware update

It turns out that the most common reason behind the CE-30012-6 error is an outdated version of the PlayStation 4 software (firmware). This is done as follows:

  • open your console settings;
  • go to the “Updating system software” section;
  • then select “Update system software”.

The PS4 update process should go smoothly as long as your console is connected to a reliable network connection.

Solution # 2 Reinstall the problematic application

In some cases, the CE-30012-6 error appears as a result of damage to the files of the application being launched. You can resolve the situation with the help of an elementary reinstallation of this very application.

  • Select the problematic application / game on the home screen or in your personal library;
  • press the “OPTIONS” button on your controller and select “Delete”;
  • restart your PS4, then go to the library and start installing the game you need.

Of course, reinstalling can take a long time, but it’s worth it if it helps fix the problem.

Solution # 3 Checking and cleaning optical media

If you encounter error CE-30012-6 when starting a game from a CD, then the problem may lie in the disc itself. Dust, dirt, scratches – all of this can lead to a variety of problems, including our mistake today. Remove the game disc from the PS4 and check it, if necessary, wipe it with a very delicate cloth such as microfiber. Then put the disc back in the drive and check for error CE-30012-6.

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