• December 5, 2023

Why it was worth buying a Schwarzpanzer 58❓

Three reasons that 100% justify the purchase of a prem tank. It is in vain that many are so unhappy with this lot on the Black Market.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we decided to present our point of view on the hotly discussed topic of buying premium tanks for silver. This year, an innovation on the Black Market is the auction. There were already 2 lots for silver:

If the first lot was passed without any special reproaches, since the tank is relatively rare, although it is absolutely not suitable for farming, then here is Schwarz. 58 sparked outrage on social media:

  • The regular Panzer 58 is sold in the in-game store;
  • Panzer 58 Mutz can be taken for booms;

Therefore, many already have this tank, and then, for these two reasons, the lot was called absolutely non-exclusive. You can’t argue with that, but still this is not a reason to say that the tank is bad.

The first reason

In patch 1.5.1, we upgraded the Leopard 1 branch of German medium tanks, and at the same time improved the performance characteristics of the Panzer 58 Mutz, which is designed to upgrade the crew of this branch. If earlier he was completely dull, now he began to play more cheerfully:

  • improved accuracy;
  • increased one-time damage;
  • increased visibility;
  • increased the speed of the shells;
  • added some durability points.

These changes allow him to effectively play the role of a sniper as a support tank from the 2nd lane. The armor penetration with the basic armor-piercing projectile of 212 mm is quite suitable for farming (the very same imbo prime CT Progetto 46 has the same). In case of “important negotiations” there are 259 mm sub-calibers. Pay attention to the high speed of the flight, which, combined with its accuracy, will effectively hit targets at a long distance:

Now pay attention to the high-explosive projectile: not only does it fly fast, but it also has 90 mm armor penetration! Even not all “dozens” can boast of this. This means that the same “Borshch” and any other cardboard equipment, he will be able to penetrate 100% with full damage of 330 units.

Second reason

Schwarzpanzer 58 is an excellent simulator for the German CT Leopard 1, which is currently participating in the February action “Into Battle”. This is a good opportunity to combine crew leveling with silver farming. Moreover, now the Leopard is in demand in many clans, especially on the eve of the event on the Dawn of Industry Global Map.

Third reason

Of course, many players already have premium tanks for the marathon / referral program or simply purchased with their own money. However, as the communication with readers shows, part of the gaming community basically does not donate to the game. Therefore, for them this is a great chance to get a good premium tank exclusively for in-game currency.

In the future, you can use this tank to get a Trade-in discount.

Even for those who already have more than one prem in the Garage, the Panzer 58 Mutz can also be useful. The Frontlines will launch a new season soon, and this year they will also make joint progress with the Steel Hunter. So, playing only in LF, you can pick up the main awards in two modes. By the way, the developers promised to simplify the LF by reducing the time required to receive all the prizes.

In addition, there are not so many lots left, most likely one of them will be 3D styles and another elite tier 10 tank. Whether there will be more premium tanks for silver is a question.

Write in the comments what you managed to get on the Black Market? So far, the assortment of lots is a little depressing due to last year’s repetitions and a small amount of new equipment.

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