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Why Triss is Geralt’s worst pairing choice? TOP 10 reasons

Geralt of Rivia looks like a man of forty, and all because of mutations, but in fact he is much more. By the time you meet protagonist, his age is already over a hundred. Although he is usually busy fighting monsters or other bad guys, there is time in his life to build romantic relationships.

TOP 10 meaningless things in the relationship between Geralt and Triss

The witcher is still a heart. Besides Yennefer from Vengerberg, one of the most iconic Witcher novels is associated with the red-haired sorceress Triss Merigold… There is a long and complex story between them, which begins in Sapkowski’s novels and ends in a series of video games. Despite the fact that many fans are rooting for this couple, it would be a stretch to call their relationship healthy.

Geralt forgives her too easily

Yenifer and TrissAfter memory loss Merigold for a long time she tried to hide some details of his life from the witcher. She did not tell him about his relationship with Yen and tried to inspire a different opinion in relation to her. As a result, his search for his beloved stopped for a long time.

In the third part, she even teased him about his amnesia and their adventures together.

Instead of being angry at her deception, Geralt just mentions it in a few sentences. None of them remember this again after this moment.

She tolerates his misdeeds

Cosplay on Triss MerigoldPerhaps because of the previous act, the red-haired sorceress herself is more tolerant of his misdeeds. In a sense, this is the normal way out (psychologically) for most women. Remember the return Ciri and a passionate kiss from Yenifer after that? Seeing this Triss only defiantly rolls his eyes. She wouldn’t have to stage a frank scene, but one would expect her to at least mention it in future episodes where the characters were left alone.

Repeated cheating in a relationship

Triss MerigoldOf course, the player may decide to leave Geralt true, but it’s not hard to imagine that most will take the opportunity to strike up an affair with several women.

Even after you confess your love by the ship, the game still allows you to date a lot of ladies.

For example, do not forget about the opportunity to make love with Yen at the coronation feast in Skellige, as well as about the resumption of the romance with Shani after meeting in Ochsenfurt. The white wolf simply does not see anything wrong with cheating on a partner.

Girlfriend envy

Ian and Triss rivalryFriendship between old girlfriends cannot be called pure and light. There is no doubt that they show great respect for each other and some kind of solidarity. An excellent example is the spicy quest “Tango threesome“, Where friends unite for a kind of revenge. However, this does not negate the fact of envy and rivalry. For example, at one of the moments of the game Merigold asks about his girlfriend from the main character, and regardless of the choice of the answer, she will be offended.

Sometimes she just uses it

Dialogue between the witcher and TrissDespite loud talk about his affection for GeraltTriss is easy to be insulted and lost forever. When asked to help her get the magicians out of Novigrad, the player can refuse, and then change his mind.

If he does this, he will no longer have the opportunity to ask the sorceress to stay with him. This means that she never had a special interest in him and it was only an attraction, but not real love.

Drunk Girl Games

Drunk Triss at the ballNow let’s move on to one of the most memorable episodes in the game – visiting masquerade ball… This happens during the quest “A matter of life and death“. The skill of manipulation and deception is excellent here.

Not too observant players will think that Triss got drunk and that’s why he behaves so romantic, but a little tactless.

The whole moment is very intimate and even sensual. The only problem is that, by some miracle, she manages to completely sober up in just a minute. This makes it clear that she only pretended to be drunk and stumbled to be hugged.

She’s easy to break up

Geralt and Merigold's relationshipThere is one more thing that shows that everything is not as rosy and clean as it might seem at first glance. Despite the fact that she behaves like she loves him very much, there is a major revealing moment. It lies in the denouement love triangle

On refusal Yennefer she will be heartbroken, and will attack the Witcher several times. On the other hand, Triss accepts it much more calmly and does not mention the breakup unless you ask her directly about it.

Geralt lets her be tortured

Triss MerigolAfter infiltrating the headquarters Menge, the witch hunters torture the sorceress while the main character talks and listens to her screams in the background. Although it was her idea, it is still strange that White Wolf can go through the entire scene of violence and not pounce on the guards. If there was Yennefer or Ciri, he most likely would have tried to help them long before he did it in the game.

Excessive dependence

Art TrissDespite many disadvantages Geralt, Triss looks at him like he’s perfect. It can be said that she is almost obsessed with him.

The Witch is definitely willing to give up a lot to be with the Witcher. One example is the escape of magicians from Novigrad.

Merigold previously mentioned that they could not cope without her. However, if White Wolf asks her to stay with him, she leaves the ship and allows the magicians to sail alone to an uncertain fate.

Poor understanding of the word “No”

Fire magic Triss MerigoldOne of the main red flags in behavior Triss – her inability to accept rejection. If a Geralt dare to mention that they are no longer together in The Witcher 3, the sorceress will immediately turn to him for help. And yet he did nothing wrong, he simply spoke the truth. If the Witcher does not mention their breakup, she does not understand why he was silent about it before.

If at least once in your life you wanted to feel like the Witcher, try to find out which lady from the game would suit you according to your zodiac sign. And for those who are interested in the canonical relationship of the heroes from the game, we recommend reading 10 facts about the relationship between Geralt and Yennefer.

How do you feel about the relationship with Triss? In a separate article, we considered 5 girls who would suit Geralt more than Yennefer, write in the comments what you think about choosing a companion for the witcher.

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