• December 5, 2023

Women’s conflict in GTA. What’s wrong with the weaker sex?

The elaboration of the NPC is not an advantage of the GTA series. However, the situation with female characters is even worse. What is the problem?

Women's conflict in GTA

The lack of strong heroines is something the series has been criticized for constantly, especially since the release of GTA V. While the protagonists always have a deep backstory and their images are detailed, none of the women has been subjected to such elaboration. In the fifth part, the most important female characters (Tracy and Amanda De Santa) were easily forgotten, and also mostly had negative character traits.

Amanda – an openly cheating wife who hypocritically punishes her husband for unfaithfulness and requires Michael to correct his mistakes. She herself is in no hurry to become a “saint”. Tracey obsessed with fame and also punishes her father, but for different reasons.

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GTA 4 Keith McReary

GTA IV also had some outstanding women, among which only Mallory (Roman’s girlfriend), Michelle (Niko’s secret girlfriend) and Keith McReary (Niko’s girlfriend in Act 3) stood out. However, all these images feel incomplete and unworked, because they had a potential for development that was never realized.


The community urged Rockstar to include the main character in the next part of the GTA series (as one of the protagonists). While this would be an interesting change, it is not the most important. When developing your next game, simply take time to include strong female charactersthat serve and improve history.


Another major issue in the series is the objectification of women. Most of the fairer sex, who in one way or another participate in the plot, always look attractive. Most of the female storyline NPCs also dress up extremely depraved. In addition, the sexualized image of a woman is used to advertise the game, which is extremely negatively perceived by the community.


Violence is also a major issue with female characters in GTA. The game was once almost closed due to the fact that players killed prostitutes in order to take money from them after a pleasant night. Despite the high rating of the project, the public still demands to moderate the degree of violence in it.

Regardless of who we are talking about, about the main characters or NPCs, it’s time for GTA to include women in the plot, who can really be remembered and delight players.

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