• December 6, 2023

TOP 10 funniest bugs in games

Sometimes glitches destroy the reputation of the game, and sometimes they become their chip. We are sharing with you ten of the funniest bugs that delighted players.

Battlefield 3

Glitches are different. Some of them can drive players to a frenzy, forcing them to replay the same section of the game dozens of times. Others are incredibly fun and make the gameplay more interesting. Here are our TOP 10 funniest bugs, some of which later became the game’s features!

Skyrim. Fantasy space exploration.


This funny bug can be called classic, so it will start our TOP. Bethesda did not announce during press releases that it would be possible to explore space in Skyrim. But in the end, such an opportunity appeared – you just need to get to know the giant better. One blow of the club will send the character straight into the stratosphere.

Of course, this is all a joke, and the developers did not plan such an effect in the first place. But the players liked it so much that they decided not to remove the giant flights of their game.

Mount and Blade. The gods are watching you.

Mount and blade

Mount and Blade is an old, time-tested Action RPG. It has everything: an open world, an interesting story, a competent buildup of characters and a convenient gameplay. And the developers of this game allowed one of the funniest bugs ever in the gaming industry.

If a gamer has at least one mod installed, he risks in the process of its passage stumble upon a face-sky. This terribly funny picture is a consequence of not joining game files, but the final result looks incredibly hilarious.

Heavy Rain. Cry from the heart.

Heavy rain

Pay attention – a picture with sound. Everyone who encountered this bug in Heavy Rain has now heard in their head shout of the main character “Shoooooon!”

Those who caught this glitch could watch the main character shouting the character’s name not 2-3 times, as planned, but throughout the entire scene (and it lasts 3-5 minutes)… At the same time, the model’s mouth opens and the necessary facial expressions are observed. It looks both hilarious and tragic at the same time.

Assassins Creed. Underwater parking.

Assassins creed

The Assasins Creed series seemed to have everything, and even submarines. No boats, no bathyscaphes, but full-fledged sailing pirate ships. The gift includes a magic team that soars in the water, then flies into the sky.

The bug is undeniably funny. Falling textures were quickly fixed developers, but this scene has remained in the gaming community for centuries.

Madden NFL 15. Anyone can play rugby.

Madden NFL 15

The micro-player from Madden NFL 15 appeared in the game right during the match, as a result of one funny game bug. However, only the visual model became small – the player’s strength and other physical indicators remained the same.

This made the game incredibly fun. Watching this midget take the ball away from the huge rugby players can be just forever. Most importantly, EA made this glitch part of the game and even gave the character a name. Now his name is “Tiny Titan”.

Red Dead Redemption. In the footsteps of Skyrim.

Red dead redemption

Flying fascinated not only the heroes of Skyrim, but also the RDR character. If you hide in the corner between the wall and the safe and jump there, the hero will simply be thrown into the air! For some time he will effectively fall to the ground, screaming and floundering. The result of this flight is obvious.

This bug was not officially announced as a feature, but no one began to remove it either, so flying remained a part of the Red Dead Redemption universe.

Battlefield 3. Aliens are attacking.

Battlefield 3

Yes, this bug was only encountered in the beta version of the game, but it is so hilarious that it would be blasphemous not to mention it. This giraffe-necked super warrior who can only shoot upwards amused all the testers of the game and instantly spread across the Internet.

Gamers even asked to leave it as an Easter egg, but the developers abandoned this idea. And in vain, such an alien entity could amuse more than one generation of players.

Crysis. You can’t hide from the shark.


Did you think the shark is only a water problem? No matter how it is. If you play Crysis, it will haunt you, even on land. What could be funnier than a shark running along the beach? At least it’s definitely funny until she catches up with you.

This glitch becomes a little worse after sharks killed in the water begin to get out to the beaches. Players also encountered such a bug, but much less often.

FIFA. Brutal confrontation.


There are many texture bugs in FIFA history. The coaches lost their hair, and the players changed the colors of the models. However, this bug has become one of the funniest. It feels like the character is trying to put his opponent on his shoulders or take on a ram. The scene is incredibly hilarious, and in the game it looks just amazing.

The Sims 4. Burning toilet.

The sims 4

The Sustainable Life add-on brought a new property of objects into the game – fire resistance. This parameter has also appeared in toilet bowls. As a result, the toilet caught fire right during use. every second player. This bug was incredibly funny, but at the same time it almost paralyzed the game for a while, because it became simply impossible to cope with a small need.

The developers quickly fixed this bug, but many screenshots and videos have remained in history for centuries… Burning toilets, of course, take the first place in our TOP.

The Sims 4 has become the record holder for bugs. We have collected the most annoying ones in a separate collection.

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