• December 8, 2021

overview of all weapons without spoilers

Will we see you if we say that Death Stranding has a pretty impressive arsenal of weapons? No, you read that correctly. Kojima’s latest project does have a weapon, but it becomes available only for 10-20 hours of play. Death Stranding – this is a very long game, which presents new mechanics the player very slowly.

In today’s article, we will tell you in full detail about the most important weapon in Death Stranding. Don’t worry about spoilers! Only the most useful information.

Blood bags

Blood bags – the most important part of the arsenal of Sam. The fact that the blood is used for all weapons against creatures. To replenish stocks of packets of blood, enough to rest in the room of the protagonist. If it is not you over this resource, the weapon begins to take blood straight from the body. As you know, this situation is unacceptable, because in battle with the enemy you will quickly drain themselves and die. Watching the blood bag and everything will be fine.

hematic grenades

Hematic grenades are the first weapon you get in Death Stranding. Hematic grenades are created from Sam’s blood, and therefore you must have enough of this resource to use them. One grenade can drive away an ordinary Beast, however, on a larger enemy you will have to use two or three, or even more. Hematic grenades will open for you in metropolitan hub


Once you arrive in central region of the map, Bolasgan will become available to you. The main purpose of this gun is non-lethal elimination of MULE aka their binding. However, when using Bolasgan, you should always remember that it immobilizes enemies only temporarily. As soon as you tie the enemy, come close to him and kick him well so that he remains immobilized for a longer time. And when prokachannom Bolasgan to level 2, it can be used against creatures. You can get Bolasgan from masters

Weapon against critters

The name of this weapon speaks for itself. Weapon against Beasts need you … to kill the Beast. Like many other weapons in Death Stranding, this pistol consumes blood, so if you want to use it, do not forget to replenish your supplies of blood bags. The rate of fire of Weapons against Critters is extremely low, but almost every small / medium Critter falls down from the very first hit. To access the Weapon Against Critters, you need to visit chiral artist… The same person can upgrade the cannon to level 2.


Here we come to the “real” armament. The pistol used in the battles with ordinary people, and has circulated a weapon to level 2, it can be used to deal with the creature. To modify the Pistol, continue to fulfill the delivery orders. The game will give you a Pistol in southern node

Assault rifle

The assault rifle becomes available to you at almost the same time as the above Pistol, in south node… Initial application – gunfights with people. Bleed the assault rifle to the second level, it can be used against the creature. To upgrade your rifle, you need to deal with the delivery of parcels for distributor, Has to north of the mountain node

Frag grenade

The frag grenade will become available to you along with the Pistol and Assault Rifle. Such grenades are used primarily to kill ordinary people. issued in south node

Non-lethal assault rifle

If you are a pacifist and do not want to harm people, then your choice is the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle. There is no mystery in this weapon – opponents are knocked down by rubber bullets. Surprisingly, at the 2nd level of pumping, the Non-Lethal Assault Rifle becomes useful against Critters. Get a rifle can be on stationslocated to north of the mountain node


Shotgun is available from photographer, and two versions of it at once: normal and non-lethal. Both the one and the other shotgun can be pumped to the 2nd level so that they can be used against the Critters. Weapon pumping will occur as the photographer’s orders are completed.

Grenade launcher

A grenade launcher, you will get as you progress through the game – we will not spoil on the subject. Modify and improve the grenade launcher can be fulfilling orders biologist.

Despite the fact that Death Stranding is a courier simulator, you can find a lot of different weapons in it. Each gun has its own nuances and specific purpose. You will quickly understand when and what is best to use in a given situation.

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