• September 28, 2023

Time to save up silver, gold and bonds – stocks are near!

Black Friday, upcoming promotions, discounts and a quick overview of the latest news.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we have collected for you a small collection of information about why it is worth saving now and where it is better to invest silver.

About Actual

First, let’s make a small digression to draw your attention to the operation. “Uranus”:

For the first time in a very long time in the game 50% discount on all types of gear and equipment… The moment was chosen for a reason, because the second season of Ranked Battles is just ending, and therefore, actively playing tankers have decreased silver reserves.

New Year’s promotions are ahead, so everyone will need silver, but at the same time, it will not soon be possible to stock up on such discounts. Therefore, now you can safely buy consumables or equipment for all available silver, because if you urgently need silver, then all this stuff can be sold back for the same price (i.e. for 50% of the full cost).

Bonds news

In the next patch 1.7, pre-battle instructions will be available for purchase with Silver instead of Bonds. The developers decided that such measures will allow more players to purchase pre-battle instructions, because they will become more affordable.And the coupons will still be useful to us in the new section of the store for purchasing equipment for coupons, the list of which may be expanded by the end of this year (or at the beginning).

Black Friday

An annual event is expected all over the world – “Black Friday” and World of Tanks is no exception, for players, as before, many lucrative offers are expected. Packages with equipment, premium account, credits, gold and various reserves at discounts of 30% -40% are expected.

Last year, the discount on game supplies reached 70%

The start of the action should be expected November 22 and as usual, offers will be valid for a few days. This year, developers often practice selling equipment, both for real money and for in-game gold, so you need to be ready for anything in order not to miss a good opportunity to save money.

After the Black Market this year, many players cherish the hope that the equipment will be sold, including for silver.

The last opportunity is easy to farm

The last (10th) stage of the Front Line starts on November 18-25. This is not only a chance to become the owner of the unique Emil 1951 and AE Phase I tanks, but also a good opportunity to earn silver, which will soon be needed for New Year’s promotions.

New Year in WoT

From the middle of December, the New Year’s offensive begins, where, by analogy with last year and the experience of the tank festival (in September), we should expect daily offers with equipment at pleasant discounts.

Read more about the New Year’s plans and the gift tank here.

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